Little Zebra Books is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to serve African communities through the development, production, and distribution of African-language books. We print and distribute thousands of beautiful books for children in Mozambique. Additionally, our books are shared and translated online in many languages through the African Storybook Project website.

Our Motto

“Beautiful books for children in African languages.”

Our Vision

African communities will flourish through access to children’s literature in their own languages.

Our Mission

Little Zebra Books promotes a reading culture in print-scarce African communities through the development of high-quality, culturally-rich children’s literature. We primarily produce storybooks that promote reading for enjoyment, such as African folktales and Bible stories. Our mission is made possible through collaboration with many excellent partner organizations.

Contact Us

You can contact David Ker, the director of Little Zebra Books, on our contact page or connect with him on Facebook: