Little Zebra Books are all about positively impacting kids in Africa. Enjoy this video of kids reading our books.

2015 was an incredible year for Little Zebra Books. We launched two new language projects, passed the 100,000 books mark, and published several new titles. We are continually learning about new ways to better provide books for kids in Africa. The need is immense be we are hopeful (and realistic) about our part in positively impacting the next generation in Africa through beautiful books in African languages.

There is no way to begin to thank all those who made the work of Little Zebra Books possible, but I’m going to try!

Big thanks to the following:

  • The governing board of Little Zebra Books
  • To Jeni and Veronica in Tete
  • To Roger at Visions Made Viable
  • To our many printers, editors, designers, and artists who make our books beautiful
  • To the people who regularly pray for our ministry
  • To the many individuals and churches who donate financially
  • To Pro Intel, FreightWorx and New Horizons for providing logistics and transportation of our books free of charge
  • To the Friends of Little Zebra Books, a new volunteer organization dedicated to helping Little Zebra Books succeed.
  • To the many like-minded organizations partnering with us in providing books for kids (African Storybook Project, Nal’ibali, FunDza, SAM Ministries, Books in Homes, SIL Southern Africa, SIM)

The work of Little Zebra Books is a huge undertaking and it is only possible because of the contribution of many, many people. If you would like to get involved in some way, send us your details on the Volunteer page.

Happy reading in 2016!

You touched the lives of these children in 2015!

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