This page is for sponsoring someone in the New Testament Read-A-Thon. If you would like to sign up as a reader, click here.

On June 27, Little Zebra friends from around the world are going to be reading as much of the New Testament as they can by the end of the day. You can get involved by sponsoring someone! Tell us who you want to sponsor and how much you want to sponsor them per book. When the read-a-thon is complete, we’ll  contact you with the totals and tell you how you can pay.

The New Testament has 27 books in it. So the most someone could read would be 27 books. So, if the person you sponsor succeeds in reading 10 books and you sponsor them for $1 per book that would be a total of $10!

Fill out the form below for your sponsorship.

Sponsor someone for the New Testament Read-A-Thon

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