This is Jonas teaching Sunday school in the shade of a tree in Tete, Mozambique. He is using the Lord’s prayer book that we have just launched this month. This is the first time at this church for this book. This group of children is mostly kids in the church. They really can see how God wants us to live: what is good and what is not. The pictures help a lot to understand what people think about sin and forgiveness, etc.

Since this book is a prayer, many people are excited about it. They have heard this in Portuguese, but don’t really think about it like they do when we show them the booklets. Some adults are asking “Can I go to church when I am full of sin?” Veronica and the others are able to explain that we all sin. When we recognize sin we are able to decide to change to another way. Jesus will help us when we come to him. She reminds them that Jesus said he didn’t come for the good people, but for the sinners. We are the ones he wants to reach out to and help.

The children see the pictures of the boys fighting and the boy stealing and wonder why those are in the book. Jonas explains that we have these thoughts about wanting what someone has and we think about taking it. If we take it, it is wrong. God helps us to stop before we sin. When we do fall into sin, he will forgive us. And when we do things wrong to others, we should ask for their forgiveness.

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Text: Jeni bister

Photos: Veronica Paulo

Editing: David Ker

“Since this book is a prayer, many people are excited about it.”

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