1000 folding Nyungwe folding books for Mozambique.
1,000 Nyungwe folding books for Mozambique.

We’ve started sending books to Africa! Hurray, that’s great news. But it isn’t an easy endeavor and in fact the books we’ve sent so far haven’t arrived. This is why we started Little Zebra to deal with everything that happens after a book has been created. So I’m not exactly happy when things don’t go well but I am enjoying solving printing and delivery snafus.

In August we sent two shipments of 1,000 copies of Rabbit’s Revenge to a Facebook friend. They are somewhere out there. I hope! In September we are sending another 2,000 books. This time they are books with pictures of animals local to the Tete, Mozambique region. I imagine that most children have heard the names of these animals but few have seen them. In some cases, like the rhinoceros, I suspect that the animals are extinct in Tete.

After shipping our last box by M-Bag, I discovered that we can send US Priority Express for less cost. And although M-Bag is supposed to be sent airmail these days I suspect that USPS Priority might be quicker.

We’ll send three more books to Tete in 2013 from the US and then we’ll shift printing and shipping to South Africa. There we can deliver packages by freight straight to Tete from anywhere in South Africa. Sounds easy. We’ll see!


Mailing folding books to Mozambique