We’re producing six full-color books in the Chuwabo language and distributing 30,000 copies of them to children in Mozambique. Most kids in Africa grow up without ever having a book in their own language. This project is helping change that by distributing beautiful, entertaining books to kids in the Chuwabo language.

Your gift will help us design these books, print them in large quantities and distribute them in rural communities in central Mozambique. We’ve already raised $2,500 of the needed amount. You can help us raise the remaining amount.

Little Zebra Books has been doing a similar project in Tete, Mozambique and the results have been amazing. Kids love these books! Teachers and parents are incredibly excited that their kids can read and enjoy books for the first time.

We need your help. Join us by donating any amount to this project.

Books include:

  1. A counting book
  2. A wild animal book
  3. An African folktale
  4. An original Chuwabo animal story
  5. The Parable of the Sower
  6. A passage from the Chuwabo Bible translation

Here’s what your gift can fund:

  • $30 can distribute 100 Chuwabo children’s books
  • $1000 can fund 5,000 copies of one of these books
  • $3,500 can completely fund this project providing 20,000 copies of six beautiful books ($2,500 has already been raised toward our goal of $6,000)

This is a one-of-a-kind project. Never before have so many books been printed and distributed to Chuwabo-speaking children.

Thank you for joining us in making this dream a reality.

Donate to the Little Zebra Chuwabo project

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