We are pleased to announce that five new books have been funded and will begin production in 2016. This is thanks to the amazing generosity of donors who gave so that we can begin hiring artists. All Little Zebra Books are professionally illustrated by world-class artists. We believe that children in Africa deserve the best books in the world!

The books funded are:

  1. Nakehi and the Egg. A Lomwe folktale of Mozambique to be illustrated by the fabulous comix artist, Andy Mason.
  2. The Lord’s Prayer. A glorious prayer from the Gospel of Matthew to be illustrated by South African artist, Marleen Visser.
  3. The Prodigal Son. The famous parable of Jesus about a son who runs away and returns to a loving father to be illustrated by Little Zebra Books artist, Magriet Brink.
  4. The Good Samaritan. Jesus’ parable of love and compassion set in Africa by Little Zebra Books artist, Tamsin Hinrichsin.
  5. The Staring Contest. A Lomwe folktale of Mozambique illustrated by South African cartoonist, Gavin Thomson.
* Artwork is a sample of the artist’s work and not meant to represent the artwork for the new book.

Two books still need funding! Please help with a donation of any amount toward these terrific books. Funding a book allows us to pay artists, designers and editors to create a brand-new book. The cost to completely fund a book is $2,000*.

The books still needing funding are:

  1. The Pharisee and The Tax Collector: A powerful parable of God’s love for all.
  2. The Creation: A retelling of the creation story from Genesis 1 through the eyes of an African child.

* The cost to produce a new book varies. The estimate of $2,000 is based on past book projects. Excess funds from a book project are used to produce other new books.

5 new books funded! And two more that you can sponsor.

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